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Unit 11 課文填充


Unit 11: Paragraph 4-6。注意詞類變化與大小寫,每格6分,以100往下扣,每格不限1個字。

Numa, a strong Thao hero, ________________ to go into the lake and find out what ________________ really happened. Soon ________________ he had jumped into the lake, he quickly ________________ for its deepest part, ________________ he came upon the answer. There was a ________________ spirit going around and ________________ the fishing nets.
“We've never done you any ________________. Why are you doing this to us?” asked Nama angrily. Before the spirit ________________, Numa swam quickly toward it to stop it ________________ tearing more nets. The two ________________ underwater, and the battle was so ________________ that giant waves ________________  from the lake and ________________  the top of the mountains ________________.
Finally, after three days and three nights of ________________ , the spirit spoke. “Listen to me, you foolish fisherman! I would rather ________________ my life today than let your people bring ________________ upon all of us!” said the spirit.




Unit 11: Paragraph 6-8。注意詞類變化與大小寫,每格5分,以100往下扣,每格不限1個字。

“You humans ___________________ by your greed! With the huge ______________ of nets you’ve been using, you are ______________ the lake of its fish!” The spirit ______________ and continued, “Don't you know that ______________ all the fish are gone, we will all die ______________ hunger?”
______________ the spirit's warning, Numa was ________________  and embarrassed by ______________ the Thao had been doing to the lake, which _________________ them for generations. He made ______________ with all of the long-haired spirits before ______________ to his tribe. After the elders were told ________________  had happened under the lake, they and Numa made a decision of great ______________: the tribe would rather have just enough fish to eat ______________ let their greed lead them to destruction.
From that time ______________, the Thao began to make an ______________ to use wisely the natural resources that they have been ______________ with. For example, nets with small ________________  are no longer used for fishing ______________ baby fish can get away and humans won't ______________ the fish to extinction.
Today, we must all search for the Numa within ______________, the voice that calls for ______________ between Mother Nature and humans.