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Unit 9 課文填充


Unit 9: Paragraph 3-5。每格5分,以100往下扣,每格不限1個字。

Then on a dark night, Frankenstein finally brought his creature to life. _____________, the creature wasn't the kind of human being that he _____________ for. It was a giant, _____________ monster! Frankenstein abandoned the monster, running away in _____________. The thought _____________ he had created a monster _____________ Frankenstein day and night. It _____________ him sick in bed for a long time.
When Frankenstein finally felt better, he found out that the monster _____________ his younger brother, William. Frankenstein's heart was filled _____________ anger, and he decided to find and kill the monster _____________ his own hands. However, the monster found Frankenstein first and _____________ out his heart. He said that since Frankenstein _____________ him, he _____________ the world in _____________ and had been hated for his terrible appearance. That was _____________ he killed Frankenstein’s brother---in _____________ for his misery. In tears, the monster asked Frankenstein a question: if it was so wrong to _____________ someone's life, then why did Frankenstein want to take the life he had created?
The monster then asked Frankenstein to create a female monster for him _____________ he would be loved. _____________, he would make the scientist's life even more _____________.


Unit 9: Paragraph 6-7。每格4分,以100往下扣,每格不限1個字。

At first, Frankenstein _____________, but he later changed his _____________. He couldn't _____________ himself to trust the terrible monster and _____________the safety of the world _____________ the two might _____________ children! Frankenstein then destroyed the _____________ female monster. In _____________, the monster _____________ both Frankenstein’s wife and his best friend. To end the _____________ once and for all, Frankenstein _____________ the monster all the _____________ to the North Pole to kill him. To Frankenstein's _____________, the monster escaped. Frankenstein was _____________ in the North Pole, slowly _____________ in the cold, _____________ the ship’s crew saved him.
After he _____________ telling the whole story to the captain, Frankenstein died. Soon after Frankenstein’s death, the captain was _____________ to find the monster near Frankenstein's body. “I hate myself _____________ what I have done,” said the monster to the captain, “but I _____________ so lonely and helpless!” The monster then _____________ out of the ship and _____________ forever into the _____________. On the ship, Frankenstein, the man who was once a great _____________, _____________ cold and still.