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Ivy Enjoy 五月份默寫填充考卷


Enjoy p.40, 5/19  班級:________座號:_______姓名:___________
Some people are short, (1)__________ some are tall. Some are (2)a__________, and some are musical. We all know there are many reasons (3)__________ we are different---parents, education, (4)b__________, and so on. Do you know that the month you (5)__________ born in could (6)__________ you, too? Special factors may make (7)__________ who were born in one month different (8)__________ those who were born in any (9)__________. Do you know about the factors for your birth month? Let’s look at the month of May (10)__________ we can see how a birth month might (11)i__________ someone.
When it comes to birth months, the (12)__________ of the zodiac are some of the first things we think about. A person who was born (13)__________ May is (14)__________ a Taurus or a Gemini. Tauruses, who were born between April 20 and May 20, are known (15)__________ tolerant people. They are (16)p__________ and don’t give up easily, but they can be too (17)c__________ at (18)__________. Tauruses are said to be (19)__________ in business matters and good at (20)__________ out plans, because they pay attention to (21)d__________. On the (22)__________ (23)__________, Geminis who were born between May 21 and June 21, are (24)c__________________. They are friendly and love to talk, but they are known (25)__________ changing their minds easily. Geminis are also said to have a hard time (26)__________ decisions. Even so, they are good at gathering information, (27)p__________ it, and making it easier to understand.  (27格,每格4分)

Enjoy p.42, 5/20 班級:________座號:_______姓名:___________
Personalities seem to be (1)a____________ by seasons in (2)____________ to the zodiac. Research has found that women who were born in May are more (3)i____________. Men with spring birthdays, (4)____________, are more (5)p____________. Other research shows that people with spring holidays like to (6)e____________ their minds. Therefore, they are more (7)____________ for playing games like chess. People with fall birthdays, however, are said to be (8)b____________ at sports. Birth months may also affect (9)____________ illnesses we could get during our life. Doing a little (10)r____________ can help you know (11)____________ to watch out (12)____________. In this case, knowledge really is power.
(13)A____________, the luckiest people in the world are born in May. Or at (14)l____________ people who were born in May consider (15)____________ to be more lucky. Why? Experts say it is (16)____________ those who were born in spring are (17)e____________ to more sunny months right after birth. (18)T____________, they develop more (19)o____________ personalities.
Each birth month also has (20)____________ own birthstone and flower. May’s birthstone is the emerald. These beautiful green stones (21)r____________ love and success. The flower for May is the lily-of-the-valley.
(22)____________ that you know all about May, you can (23)i____________ more about other birthday months and seasons on your own. (24)____________ find information, surf the internet or ask your parents. Your birthday might (25)
____________ a lot to do with the person you are.  (25格,每格4分)


Enjoy p.44, 5/21 班級:________座號:_______姓名:___________
A long time ago, when the Romans took (1)____________ the British Isles, the beginning of May was a popular time for (2)f____________. The Romans (3)h____________ a five-day celebration to (4)w____________ Flora, the goddess of flowers. Even after the Romans were cast out from the British Isles, many of their holiday traditions were still (5)k____________. One of these (6)____________ the maypole, and (7)____________ the Middle Ages, every village in England had one.
The maypole is made (8)____________ wood and is used in many (9)j____________ celebrations. On top of this tall pole (10)s____________ a (11)r____________ of beautiful, fresh flowers. Long ribbons are (12)a____________ under the flowers. People hold the (13)e____________ of the ribbons while they sing and dance in (14)c____________ around the maypole. As they do, the colorful ribbons are (15)w____________ around the pole (16)____________ a lovely pattern.
There was a time when maypoles were (17)b____________ because they were not approved (18)____________ by the Christian church. However, they have since reappeared all over Europe. Many Westerners now look forward to (19)d____________ around the maypole as a sign (20)____________ summer will soon arrive. (20格,每格5分)


Enjoy p.48, 5/23 班級:________座號:_______姓名:___________
This month, National Geographic Channel (1)____________ a closer (2)____________ at China’s “Stone Dragon”---the Great wall. It is one of the (3)s____________ (4)w____________ of China which will be shown in NGC’s China Special series. Even (5)____________ the Great Wall is famous around the world, there are still stories about it that people are not familiar (6)____________. NGC brings these stories to (7)____________ through amazing images and exciting (8)n____________. Don’t miss the danger and beauty of one of the most magnificent structures (9)____________ created.
In 133 BC, Emperor Wudi of China ordered a (10)s____________ of attacks on the Xiongnu from Mongolia. After conquering the Hexi Corridor, (11)____________ was on the Silk Road, the Emperor wanted to protect his (12)v____________ new empire. (13)T____________, he decided to build a long wall. He sent two million to do it, but there were too many (14)o____________. They faced attacks from (15)e____________ and poor health from bad food. In (16)____________, the weather (17)c____________ were terrible. The high (18)t____________ in summer and freezing storms in winter caused damage (19)____________ the wall. Some of the builders even joined the Xiongnu army against the Emperor, and By 99 BC, the wall was (20)a____________.  (20格,每格5分)


Enjoy p.50, 5/24 班級:________座號:_______姓名:___________
The wall of the Han Dynasty may have (1)f____________ apart, (2)____________ the dream of the Stone Dragon didn’t. It was finally built during the Ming Dynasty, after Altan Khan attacked Beijing (3)____________ (4)r____________ trade. The wall (5)s____________ over 6,000 kilometers from the Shanhai Pass at Bohai to the Jiayu Pass in the west. It (6)____________ nearly 100 years for this great defensive (7)s____________ to finally be (8)c____________.
The wall is not just a stone line across the county. It also includes a large system of quarries and kilns. Supply (9)r____________ were also constructed. They helped make sure guards were (10)e____________ (11)____________ everything they needed for war and daily life. However, life at the wall wasn’t easy. These soldiers were far away (12)____________ home and often (13)____________ paid for months. Just as before, the weather caused problems, (14)____________. The wall did (15)____________ enemies out, but in 1644, a rebel army inside the wall (16)r____________ against the (17)g____________. Outside the wall, Manchu armies were also (18)p____________ for their own attacks.
Tune in to NGC’s China’s Great Wall to find out more about these stories. You may think you know everything about the wall, (19)____________ many surprises are still waiting to be (20)r____________.  (20格,每格5分)


Enjoy p.52-53, 5/26 班級:________座號:_______姓名:___________
◎(1)____________ (2)________ or not, that dog is (3)____________ of (4)____________ a bicycle. (信不信由你,那隻狗能夠騎腳踏車。)
◎When Jenny kept (5)____________ (6)____________ of me, all I could (7)____________ (8)____________ (9)____________ her. (當珍妮一直取笑我時,我所能做的就是不理她。)
◎As (10)____________ (11)____________ you (12)____________ that you won’t get (13)____________, I will tell you the truth. (只要你保證不會生氣,我就對你說實話。)
◎The bakery (14)____________ (15)____________ free doughnuts to (16)____________ (17)____________ more customers. (這間麵包店發送免費的甜甜圈以吸引更多客人。)
◎This (18)____________ (19)____________ off, and the bakery began making more money (20)____________ (21)____________. (這個策略成功了,麵包店開始賺得比以前都多。)
◎When you get lost, (22)____________ you should (23)____________ (24)____________ (25)____________ for directions. (當你迷路時,你所應該做的就是問路。)
◎The fight will (26)___________ as (27)_________ as you (28)____________. (只要你道歉,這場爭吵就會平息。)
◎Some girls are (29)____________ (30)____________ free (31)____________ on the street. (有幾位女孩正在街上發送免費的試用品。)
◎Max believed that his plan would (32)____________ off (33)____________ (34)____________ (35)____________. (麥斯深信他的計畫遲早都會成功。)
◎Some (36)____________ kids like to make (37)____________ of Timmy’s (38)____________. (一些頑皮的孩子喜歡拿提米的身高來開玩笑。)
◎Carrie felt hurt when other classmates (39)____________ (40)____________ her. (當其他同學一直不理她時,凱莉覺得很傷心。)  (40格,每格2.5分)


Enjoy p.54, 5/27 班級:________座號:_______姓名:___________
Throw, throw, catch, catch. This is (1)____________ anyone who is new at juggling must (2)r____________ over and over as they practice. The act of throwing several objects (3)____________ the air and catching them has (4)____________ (5)____________ for a long time. In recent years, juggling (6)____________ become quite popular, but it wasn’t always this (7)____________. Although the history of juggling has had many ups and (8)____________, the fun and skill of it have never (9)____________ to (10)f____________ people.
Many people associate juggling mainly (11)____________ circuses, but its (12)o____________ might actually have been spiritual. The oldest record of juggling is a wall painting from ancient Egypt. It shows Egyptians juggling round (13)o____________, which represented heavenly (14)b____________ and life and death. Juggling also shows up in old Greek, Chinese, Indian, and other records. Until the 5th century, juggling was seen (15)m____________ (16)____________ a hobby or a form of (17)e____________. In later times, it was looked (18)____________ (19)____________ by religious leaders and (20)c____________ to be an evil activity that was done for money. However, the entertainers of kings and noblemen were also known to juggle. (20格,每格5分)


Enjoy p.56, 5/28 班級:________座號:_______姓名:___________
When the first modern circus opened in 1768, jugglers (1)____________ hired and the famous (2)a____________ between these two was born. Later (3)____________, city theaters became the best places to see new juggling (4)a____________. At that time, jugglers were (5)____________ (6)d____________. When radio became the main form of entertainment, (7)____________, jugglers were left out because their acts were mostly (8)v____________. As a result, juggling reached another low (9)____________. The development of television brought juggling back for a while, but it didn’t (10)____________.
Nowadays, juggling is (11)____________ again and has grown into a subculture. Clubs and events for jugglers have (12)s____________ up all over the (13)g____________. The International Jugglers’ Association is the oldest and largest juggling organization in the world. At (14)a____________ competitions, prizes are given and new records are (15)____________. One of the biggest (16)e____________ is the Numbers Championships. At this event, gold medals are given to (17)____________  who juggle the most objects (18)____________ the most catches.
From Internet forums and websites to workshops and classes, juggling is everywhere. (19)____________ such strong popularity and support, it may be possible for juggling to rise to the (20)l____________ of being spiritual once again.  (20格,每格5分)



Enjoy p.58, 5/29 班級:________座號:_______姓名:___________
Cindy had been looking for her dream bag for (1)q____________ some time. After work last Friday, she went to Shilin Night Market in (2)s____________ of the special bag. Two hours (3)l____________, when Cindy was about to go home (4)e____________-handed, a stunning blue bag (5)c____________ her eye. She knew right away that it was the one.
Although $990 was (6)____________ (7)b____________, Cindy wasn’t going to (8)____________ that stop her. She walked up to the (9)v____________ and started (10)b____________ with him. Cindy (11)____________ a final offer of $800 for it, and (12)____________ unwillingly, the vendor (13)a____________.
As she was walking out (14)____________ the night (15)____________, Cindy (16)p____________ by a shop that was also selling bags. She (17)g____________ inside and almost couldn’t believe her eyes. It (18)t____________ (19)____________ that the shop was selling the same bag (20)____________ only $600. (20格,每格5分)


Enjoy p.60-61, 5/30 班級:________座號:_______姓名:___________
◎You are (1)____________ the (2)___________ person (3)____________ the job. (你絕對是這份工作的不二人選。)
◎You need to have a good (4)____________ of (5)____________ to find a (6)____________ out of this forest. (你得要有好的方向感,才能在這座森林裡找到出路。)
◎This sentence doesn’t (7)____________ any (8)____________. (這個句子沒有任何意義。)
◎Marvin (9)____________ to his (10)____________ and realized he had done (11)____________ (12)____________. (馬文恢復了理智,瞭解到他做錯事了。)
◎Don’t (13)____________ your mistakes (14)____________ me. (不要把你自己的錯推到我身上來。)
◎You may not (15)____________ with me. But in one (16)____________, I believe David is (17)____________. (你或許不會同意,但從某種意義上來說,我相信大衛是清白的。)
◎(18)____________ the (19)d____________ if you want to find the (20)____________. (如果你想找到寶藏,就照著這些指示做。)  (20格,每格5分)